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FIG. 56. — Skeleton of
male Ornithorhyn-
chus. Ventral view.
The right fore - limb
has been separated
and turned round so
as to bring into view
the dorsal surface of
the mail us. The
lower jaw is removed.
acc.tuTS, Accessory
tarsalbone supporting
the spur ; ant.pal.for,
anterior palatine fora-
men ; as£, astragalus -t
atl, atlas ; ax, axis ;
bs.oc, basi-occipital;
bs.sph, basi-sphenoid;
calc, caleaneum ; cbd,
cuboid ; cerv.rb, cer-
vical rib ; clac, clavi-
cle ; coitd.J'or, fora-
men above inner eon-
dyleof humerus ; cor,
~~ coracoid ; cusn, cunei-
form of carpus ; dent,
horny dental plate ;


cuneiform ;
ent+ Ğm, en-
to - cunei-
form ;,
epicoracoid ;
ejp'ixtf epi-
sternuxn ;
ep.pb, epipubis ; /&,
fibula ; few, femur ;
for.nutffj'or 0,111 en mag-
num ; ylcn, gleiioid
cavity of slionlder-
joint ; tfl&tt, gleiioid
cavity for mandible ;
hiim, h u in e rtx s ;
in.GtwMly inner con-
dylo of humerus ;
wif,<fyblfor, points to
position of Infra-orbi-
tal foramen; iyt/r.jftroc,
inferior processes of
caudal vertebrae ;
i-fi.t.rbs, intermediate
ribs ; isch, iğchinm ;
may, magnum of car-
pus ; max9 maxilla ;
iMttx^for, maxillary
foramen ; wtetat*!,
linst metatarsal ;
tn&tat. V", fifth meta-
tarsal; nas.cart, naĞal
cartilage ; t>ht, obtu-
rator foramen ; ol,

outer condyle of Iramerns ; pal, pnlatinu ; &((>t, patella;
posterior palatine foramen ; pr.tnatc, premaxilla ; pr.ttt, |>reBterntmi ;
pier, pterygoid ; pub, pubiw ; ra/t, radiiw ; uwj>, Keapwla ; itctt-pfa* scaphoid of tarsus ;
scctp'h'.lM'n*, scapho-ivinar ; se,v, sesainoitl bones of wrist and ankle; &p, taraal horny spur;
sg, squamosal ; tib, tiV^ia ; trdt trapezoid ; trw-, trapexnnu ; tyw>.c, tympanic cavity ;
uln, ulna ; wic, unciform ; v<ğu, vomer ; x, <lumb-bell shaped bone ; ^y//ğ zygomatic
arch ; /-F, digits of mamts ; V, foramen for fifth nerve. (From Tirker's Jfoolo<yy.*>